Free Shipping Bar

Increase the average cart by promoting free shipping.

Increase Average Cart

Encourage customers to increase cart and buy more to achieve free shipping.

Progressive message

Motivation messages change according to the value of the cart to motivate the customer to add more items to the cart.

Infinite options

Fully customizable styles. Specific bars segmented by country, time period, traffic source, etc.

About Free Shipping Bar

What is the application for?

More than 80% of consumers would buy more if they were promised free shipping. So motivate customers to get free shipping by increasing the amount of the cart. As more items are added to the cart, customers will see different messages until they get free shipping and you can congratulate them with a different message and a pop-up.

Easy to set up and use!

  • 1-click installation and configuration, no developers needed.
  • Program counts down in advance according to a date range or days of the week. You can include or exclude the pages where you want it to appear, appear and/or disappear within X seconds, etc.
  • Option to add a button on each bar with a call to action to go to the page you want.

Advanced settings to adapt each message:

  • Supports unlimited active bars to create different promotions on different pages.
  • Geographical segmentation: shows the countdown according to the visitor’s country. (Example: “Free shipping if you buy more than $ 70” in one country. And “Free shipping if you buy more than $ 90” in another country.)
  • Select a range of dates, times, days of the week, etc. for when you want it to appear.
  • Displays the countdown timer only on certain pages or groups of pages: all pages, home page or a specific collection, product page or any page via URL.
  • Excludes the countdown timer from pages where you want them to be displayed: all pages, the home page or a specific collection, product page or any page via URL.
  • Shows different countdown timers for visitors coming from different sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, a specific URL, etc.
  • Adds a call to action button on the bar to increase interactions.
  • Translates countdown timer bars into several languages to reach other countries and increase sales.
  • Currency Detection: Automatically detects visitors’ local currencies and converts free shipping amount with real-time exchange rates.

Totally customizable:

  • Customize the bar to suit your store’s style: background color, text, margins and font type, size and style, etc.
  • Choose the position: pinned to the top, on top but disappears when the page scrolls, bottom, bottom to one side, etc.
  • Compatible with all types of emojis to draw visitors’ attention.
  • Adapted and optimized for all desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes.
  • Custom buttons with unique design and motion effects (bounce, flash, pulse, etc.).
  • We don’t include our logo on it.

Not convinced yet?

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