Multi-Announcement Bar

Show discounts on one or more bars and increase sales

Increase sales

Present your promotions with a fully customized banner in your e-commerce website and convert visitors into customers.

Connect with your visitors

Instantly connect with your visitors with beautiful ad banners. Create a sense of urgency by announcing discounts, news, and more.

Unlimited options

Fully customizable styles. Specific ads that are targeted by country, time zones, traffic sources, etc.

About Multi-Announcement Bar

What is the application for?

Turn your visitors into customers by adding ad banners to your online store quickly and easily and with all the options you want. From Ironfy we have worked so that you can do it in less than a minute and without the need for developers. Keep your visitors informed about important updates, offer promotions and discounts, announce special events, provide free shipping offers, and more.

Easy to set up and use!

  • 1-click installation, no coding or developers required.
  • Set bars in less than 1 minute.
  • Schedule individual or multiple banners according to date-range and days of the week, and include or exclude pages where you want them to appear. You can also schedule when banners should appear and how long they should remain visible on the page.
  • Include a CTA button on each banner to take your visitor to any page you want them to see.

Include multiple bars that appear at the same time:

  • Create as many banners as you want, and design them however you wish; they’re all compatible with each other. You can add one on top, one at the bottom, etc. without any of them affecting the other.
  • Create multi-message rotating bars that move with a marquee-like effect, etc.

Advanced settings: Each message can be configured to your specifications:

  • Geo-targeting: Displays banners to visitors from countries and areas you’ve selected.
  • Set up date ranges, times, days of the week, etc. when you want your banners to appear.
  • Display banners that appear only on certain pages or groups of pages: all pages, a home page, a specific product, a product category collection, or any page via URL.
  • Exclude banners on pages where you don’t want them displayed: a specific product, a product category collection, or any page via URL
  • how different banners to visitors arriving from various sources like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, a specific URL, etc.

Fully customizable styles:

  • Customize all your banners’ details to suit your store’s style: background colors, text, font type, size and style, margins, etc.
  • Choose the banners’ positions, e.g., top, top and disappear when scrolling, bottom, bottom to one side, etc.
  • Compatible with all kinds of emojis to attract attention.
  • Adaptable and optimized for all desktop, tablet, and mobile screen sizes.
  • Customize buttons with unique designs and special motion effects like bounce, flash, pulse, etc.

Not convinced yet?

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